Mbeat 13-Port USB 2.0 Hub Individual Power Switches And Adapter

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Product Description:
mbeat USB Hub - USB - External - 13 Total USB Port(s) - 13 USB 2.0 Port(s)

mbeat®13 Port Powered USB Hub Manager with Individual Power Switch- I have quite a few USB devices, more than 7 devices sitting around my office's desk. What has always baffled me is that many manufacturers make hubs that only give you an extra 3 or 4 ports. To me, that's almost a waste of money.
If I'm going to spend my hard-earned cash, I want more than a measly 4-port hub, or even 7-port hub. That's why I'm stoked about the mbeat brand 13-port USB Hub.Beside the top loader and side loader smart design to give the extra spaces for my gadget, this hub manager also features a power adapter that has a massive 3 amp capacity. That should be enough to power loads of your USB devices. The Y type split USB cable also gives the flexibility to connect some less power consumption devices without brothering the external power source.It's good to choose the mbeat 13 port powered USB hub manager, it sure beats having two or three smaller ones sitting on your desk and it keeps your everyday digital life organized.

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