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Aim to adjust CPU fan and case fan speed for best cooling performance while keeping quiet operation. With PWM function. Control three fans individually and simutaneously. Adjust the built-in blue LED illumination effect to either On/Off or sound activated. CPU fan must be controlled by FAN1 to avoid any possible problem caused by over-low fan speed. Fit into the 3.5" bay, easy to install.

Dedicated CPU Fan Connector Designed for More Reliable Operation.
Specific CPU fan controller is design to provide more power for your CPU fan to achieve better cooling performance.


Blue LED for More Aesthetic Appearance.
Blue LED is specially installed to make your computer case with side window more awesome.

Sound-operating Control to Adjust Sensitivity of LED Lightning
Rockman’s LED light intensity changes with its surrounding sound, simply adjust the light controller according to your lightning needs.

Ideal 3.5 Drive Bay Compatibility
Rockman is designed to fit in a computer case with 3.5 drive bay.

Screws and Cables Provided for Installation
Necessary tools are provided to install Rockman upon purchase.


  • Overall Dimensions: 102 x 110 x 25.5mm
  • Operating Voltage: 11~13V and 4~6V
  • Regulated Maximum Power Output: < 30W
  • Weight: 201g

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