Aerocool Project 7 H1 RGB Controller Hub

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Aerocool Project 7 H1 RGB Controller Hub


P7-H1 (Project7-Hub1)

  • Controls up to five fans compatible with both 4-pin and 3-pin connectors
  • Helps convert PWM signal from MB allowing control over 3-pin fan


  • Synchronises all Aerocool RGB products and ohter RGB 4-pin compatible products

P7-S1 (Project7-Software1)

  • Updates regularly to provide additional LED modes
  • Compatible with Window 7 and newer versions


  • Model Name: P7-H1 (Project 7-Hub1)
  • Main Function: PWM Fan Speed Control
  • Connector: 9-Pin USB 2.0
  • LED Output: 2 Connectors (Expandable)
  • LED Output (Watt): Up to 24 Watts
  • Fan Output: 5 Connectors
  • Fan Output (Watt): Up to 18 Watts
  • System Compatibility: Windows 7 and Newer Versions
  • Software Enabled: LED Light Control
  • Accessories Velcro:
    • Strap x 1
    • Screw x 4
    • Black Zip Tie x 4

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