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8Ware Indoor Digital TV Antenna is suitable for metropolitan & rural areas using VHF, UHF or combination broadcasts. With the flat paper design, the antenna is so thin and light, the device can be applied and mounted onto flat surface such as wall and window. The antenna works as a passive antenna, therefore the device can receive digital TV signals without any requirement of power adapter.


  • Gain: 5 - 15 dBi
  • Operation Frequency:
    • VHF174 - 230Mhz
    • UHF470 - 810Mhz
  • Output Impedance: 75 Ohm
  • Compatible TV signals:-
    • ATSC
    • ISDB-T
    • DVB-T
    • DVB-T2
    • DMB-T
  • Standing wave ratio: < 1.5