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ATEN's Easy Rack Mount Kit is suitable for numerous CL and KL series LCD KVM switches.
The 2X-011G is designed for short-depth server racks from 57** - 70cm deep.
** Please note that for 19" LCD screens (indicated by ATEN's product code ending in 'NA' the minimum rack depth is 63cm

Busy IT professionals will appreciate the convenience and simplicity that ATEN's Easy Installation Rack Mount Kit provides. This optional kit streamlines the rack mounting process, making it easy for a single person to accomplish. In a matter of minutes, your new KVM switch can go from the box to the rack - all without the hassle of having another person around to help you install it.

The Easy Installation Rack Mount Kit is also safer than traditional rack mount kits. No more holding the KVM switch with one hand while trying to screw it to the rack with the other. Simply mount the side rails to the rack, slide the KVM switch into place, and then secure it. Nothing can be easier.

The following illustrations demonstrate just how easy it is to install your KVM switch with the Easy Installation Rack Mount Kit.

Step 1. Secure the side rails to the rack.

Step 2. Slide the KVM switch onto the rails and secure it to the rack.

Step 3. Now slide it out and get to work!


Compatible with the following models:

  • KL3116 / KL9108/9116
  • KL1508/1516
  • KL1100
  • CL1000
  • CL1008/CL1016
  • CL5708 / CL5716
  • KL3116T
  • CL5808 / CL5816
  • KL1508A / KL1516A
  • KL1508Ai / KL1516Ai